Gel electrophoresis tank OmniPage Mini

Vertical chamber especially for protein analysis in up to 4 gels. The special manufacturing process results in a device with unique quality and durability at a very reasonable price. Easy handling and fast cooling. The dimensions are compatible with all 8 x 10 and 10 x 10 cm ready-to-use gels. High sample throughput by up to 4 gels with 20 samples each. Low buffer volume from 250 to 1200 ml.

Supplied with:
OmniPage Mini: chamber with platinum electrodes, 2 sets of glass plates with 1 mm thick bonded Spacers, electrodes, 2 x 12 sample combs.
OmniPage Mini SYS: OmniPage Mini + caster.
OmniPage Mini CBS: OmniPage Mini + caster and blotting insert.
Technical specifications
Gel dimensions (W x L):7.5 x 8 cm
Unit dimensions (W x D x H):19 x 13 x 15 cm
Max. sample capacity:80 samples, 20 samples per gel
Buffer volume:min. 250 ml; max 1200 ml
Gel electrophoresis tank OmniPage Mini

Gel electrophoresis tank OmniPage Mini

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Gel electrophoresis tank OmniPage Mini

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