Thermocyclers 3PRIMEBASE / 3PRIMEX / 3PRIMEG

Mid-size thermocyclers - find space on any laboratory bench
  • Approved cycler with new design
  • With and without gradient function
  • Gradient upgrade from 3PRIMEX to 3PRIMEG
  • 3.5" colour touch screen with graphical display
  • Height-adjustable and heatable lid, temperature from 100°C to 115°C, with ON/OFF switch and automatic switch off against overheating
  • Password protected
  • Auto-Restart
  • USB port
  • 4 years warranty for the Prime Thermocycler
Block temperature:+4°C to +100°C
Temperature gradient (only 3PRIMEG or 3PRIMEX with upgrade):+30°C to +80°C
Max. Gradient:+14°C
Block uniformity at 55°C:<±0.3°C
Max. Heating rate:3.0°C/s
Dimensions (W x D x H):210 x 350 x 180
Thermocyclers 3PRIMEBASE / 3PRIMEX / 3PRIMEG

Thermocyclers 3PRIMEBASE / 3PRIMEX / 3PRIMEG

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Thermocyclers 3PRIMEBASE / 3PRIMEX / 3PRIMEG

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