Fiber glass telescopic pole INGENIOUS

A new, easy-to-handle sample taking system for manual sampling.
General purpose thanks to
  • quick and easy exchange of the sample taking equipment
  • simple change by pressing the spring mechanism
  • extremely strong fiber glass telescopic poles, non-corrosive
  • for up to 20 different sample taking devices
  • four different fiber glass telescopic poles extensible from 1.5m up to 6.00m in length
Very robust telescopic pole, ideal for sample taking. Fiber glass makes it almost indestructible and non-corrosive. Comfortable to carry even at low temperatures. Simple extension and adjustment mechanism. You can change the length easily by a quarter rotation. (Pic. 3). At telescope poles of 3,85 to 6 meter the length could be easily changed by using the clamp (Pic. 2). Comfortable use of spring mechanism. This type can take all samplers and catchers with universal connecting part.
Fiber glass telescopic pole INGENIOUS Heco-Catalogue

Fiber glass telescopic pole INGENIOUS
PKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
1.45 - 2.7516.801 684394302005
1.50 - 3.8516.241 444394302055
1.50 - 5.0016.263 282394302015
1.50 - 6.0016.263 283394302025