Waterlanding net

A new, easy-to-handle sample taking system for manual sampling.
General purpose thanks to
  • quick and easy exchange of the sample taking equipment
  • simple change by pressing the spring mechanism
  • extremely strong fiber glass telescopic poles, non-corrosive
  • for up to 20 different sample taking devices
  • four different fiber glass telescopic poles extensible from 1.5m up to 6.00m in length
Very robust, with nylon net, for catching flees, bugs, floating particles and water insects.
Mesh width 0.8mm.With robust galvanized ring of 200mm diameter. Double stitched execution between nylon mesh and linen. With universal connecting part.
Waterlanding net Heco-Catalogue

Waterlanding net
MaterialPKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
Waterlanding net0.8nylon16.263 284394302002