Dipping vessels for sampling

According to DIN 51750 pt. 2
Dipping Vessel
For sampling liquids from tanks, lorry tankers, etc. Made of brass or stainless steel AISI 304 (1.4301) for Ex areas. 1 L capacity, 82 mm diameter, 427 mm height with handle. Without lowering cable.
Operation: When the dipping vessel is lowered, the liquid constantly runs through it. By pulling back, both valves close automatically.
Emptying at the top via the open flaps.
Dipping bottle EX
For sampling flammable liquids.
For sampling category A mineral oil products, Explosion Categories IIA, IIB and IIC. Made from brass that do not produce sparks, 89 mm diameter, 443 mm height with handle, weight 3.3 kg. Without lowering cable.
Operation: 1. Lower bottle into liquid. 2. Pull the cable when the target spot has been reached and the stopper opens. 3. Sample flows in. 4. Pull up dipping bottle and remove sample. Use an electrically conductive, manually operated reel and lowering cable or chain.
Dipping bottle glass
For sewage disposal plants, sludge and water samples. Nickel-plated brass frame with glass sample bottle. 1000 ml capacity, 148 mm diameter, 330 mm high, weight 3.2 kg. Without lowering cable.
Operation: 1. Lower bottle into liquid. 2. Pull cable when target depth is reached and open stopper. 3. Sample flows in. 4. Pull bottle back up and remove sample.
Immersion Cylinders
For target spot and bottom samples of mineral oil products. Made of nickel-plated brass. Heavy, robust design (4.3 kg). Without lowering and pull cables
Target spot sample: 1. Immersion cylinder is lowered in the tank to be sampled by the manually operated reel. 2. The separate pull cable is used to open the valve when the target spot is reached and the sample then enters the immersion cylinder.
Bottom sample: 1. Lower the immersion cylinder to the bottom. 2. The weight of the immersion cylinder opens the valve automatically when the bottom is reached and the sample then enters the immersion cylinder.
Target immersion cylinder
With the Target immersion cylinder, liquid samples can be taken from a particular point. The immersion cylinder is lowered on a strong and sealed tube. When the target has been reached, a valve at the tube end is opened. This vents the immersion cylinder and fills it with the sample. The immersion cylinder is pulled up and emptied via the screw thread. Weight 2.6 kg. With 5 m venting tube. Screw off top enables easy cleaning.
Mini immersion cylinder
For sampling liquids in narrow places where access is difficult. Can also be used in curved dipping tubes and barrels with narrow openings. Capacity 50 ml, 32 mm diameter, height 180 mm, weight 330 g. Without lowering cable. Upper body unscrews for easy cleaning.
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Dipping vessels for sampling

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