Dialysis tubing clips Spectra/Por Standard, PP

Since Spectra/Por Standard Closures float, they aid in buoyancy and vertical orientation when applied to the tubing top end. Autoclavable. For Membrane type Standard RC only.
Dialysis tubing clips Spectra/Por Standard, PP Heco-Catalogue

Dialysis tubing clips Spectra/Por Standard, PP
ColourPKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
Dialysis tube clips23White106.288 664132 743
Dialysis tube clips12Orange106.288 665132 734
Dialysis tube clips23Orange106.288 668132 735
Dialysis tube clips35Orange106.288 670132 736
Dialysis tube clips90Orange106.288 666132 739
Dialysis tube clips12Blue106.206 707142 934
Dialysis tube clips35Blue106.223 462142 936
Dialysis tube clips55Blue107.637 102142 937
Dialysis tube clips75Blue107.637 101142 938
Dialysis tube clips35Green107.511 038142 836
Clips with weight to close55Orange106.204 870132 745
Clips with weight to close35Orange106.238 361132 744
Clips with weight to close35Red26.238 362132 762
Clips for Biotech membranes available on request.