Mechanical Stirrers RZR 1

These models are ideal for standard stirring tasks. They are designed to mix and disperse media that require no-reproducible results of high-viscosity applications under high speeds.
  • A 2-gear stage design guarantees the highest power over the entire speed range
  • The speed is adjustable over a scale from 35 to 2200 rpm
  • Slim design fits nicely into your research environment
  • A through-shaft design allows for adjusting the impeller position to make height adjustment more convenient
  • An optimal shaft guard prevents any accidents involving contact with the impeller shaft running at high speeds
Stirring quantity max. (H2O):20 l
Speed range:35 ... 250 rpm
280 ... 2200 rpm
Max. viscosity:40000 mPas
Motor rating input/output:77/18 W
Max. torque at stirring shaft:100 Ncm
Chuck range:8 mm
Dimensions (W x D x H):71 x 172 x 250 mm
Weight:2.7 kg
Power supply:230 V, 50/60 Hz
Protection class:IP 20
9.816 510

9.816 510

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Mechanical Stirrers RZR 1

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