Anchor stirrer, PTFE

The stirrer shafts consist of a PTFE-jacketed, stainless steel shaft and a stirrer paddle made of solid PTFE. The stainless steel core assures stability of the stirrer shaft and allows safe attachment of the stirrer chuck. Thanks to the thick PTFE coat and the paddle made of solid PTFE, the medium will only come into contact with PTFE. High chemical resistance makes it almost universally suitable. PTFE is extremely nonstick so that residues are repelled from shaft and paddle. The stirrer shafts are similar in size to (KPG) glass stirring rods and are therefore interchangeable easily.

Operating temperature: -200°C to +250°C

Additional sizes and accessories are available on request.
Information on the mixing effects of the different stirring geometries can be found in the descriptions of the stainless steel stirring rotors.
Recommended for low speed operations.
Anchor stirrer, PTFE

Anchor stirrer, PTFE

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Anchor stirrer, PTFE

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PKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
4086.535016.241 696C 384-01
6086.535019.197 144C 384-02
6086.545016.076 374C 384-04
6086.580017.645 815C 384-11
8086.545016.076 375C 384-06
8086.560016.800 338C 384-08
10086.560019.197 145C 384-10
80108.035019.197 146C 384-16
80108.045016.900 662C 384-17
100108.045016.286 974C 384-07
100108.060019.197 147C 384-24
100108.080016.210 120C 384-28
100108.0100016.248 044C 384-32
130108.045017.982 146C 384-19
130108.060017.900 374C 384-44
130108.080017.659 979C 384-48
1501614.080016.264 222C 384-52
1501614.0100016.210 121C 384-58
1501614.0120019.197 148C 384-64
Additional wings available on request
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