Portable dissolved oxygen meter Portavo 904 Oxy

Robust, intuitive portable device for dissolved oxygen measurement. Up to 5,000 values can be recorded using the integrated data logger. This data can be easily transferred to a PC for analysis using the USB interface and the included Paraly SW 112 software.
  • A sensor quiver protects the sensor from damage and drying out
  • The high-performance polymer housing ensures low water absorption and high impact resistance
  • Over 1,000 hours of measurement with a single set of batteries (4 x AA)
  • Li-ion battery
  • Data logger with 5,000 values
  • Micro USB port and Paraly SW 112 software
  • The mineral glass display is perfectly readable even after years
Memosens input, oxygen:M8 socket, 4 pins, for Memosens lab cable or
M12 socket, 8 pins, for Memosens sensors
Measuring range (Accuracy)
Saturation:0.000 ... 1000.0 %
Concentration:000 µg/l ... 100.00 mg/l
Partial pressure:0.0 ... 2000 mbar
Temperature range:-20 ... 150 °C
Power supply:4 x AA
IP code:IP 66/67 with pressure compensation
9.774 713

9.774 713

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Portable dissolved oxygen meter Portavo 904 Oxy

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