Single channel microliter pipettes Acura® manual 835, fix

Available with fixed or adjustable volume. The latest Acura® manual pipette line was built with the same attention to detail that made the brand famous over several instrument generations. Introducing a smooth, modern design with easy volume reading. It also features a number of innovations enabling safe and easy, high performance pipetting.
  • Effortless activation
  • Smart and reliable volume adjustment
  • Precision digital display visible at all times
  • Justip™ adjustable tip ejector fitting most tips
  • Swift-set user calibration system
  • Shock, UV-light and autoclaving resistance
  • Three-year warranty
max. vol.
( R%)
max. vol.
(≤ CV%)
Cat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
83520000.80.516.235 043835.F02
83525000.80.516.258 006835.F02.5
83550000.70.316.205 429835.F05
835100000.50.216.205 430835.F10
Accessories for single channel microliter pipettes Acura® manual 835
Pipette stand for Single and Multichannel microliter pipettes, for Calibra® and Acura® models