EN 511
EN 511
EN 388
EN 388
EN 420
EN 420

Cryo Protection Gloves CRYOKIT 400, CRYOKIT 550

Suitable for all work with liquid nitrogen and other cryogenic gases up to approx. minus 196 °C. Protects against cold and contact burns in case of leakage of liquid gas. The waterproof glove is made of a special elastic and laminated fabric.
Interior insulation: polyester multi-layer fabric ( 410 g / m2 ) and polyolefin porelle membrane.
According to normative EN 511, EN 420, EN 388, Cat III. Warning: Not intended for immersion in liquid nitrogen or other liquid cryogens.
1 pair per pack
Cryokit 400

Cryokit 400

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Cryo Protection Gloves CRYOKIT 400, CRYOKIT 550

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