Volumetric flasks, plastic, Class B

Highly transparent PMP. Tolarances Class B acc. to DIN EN ISO 1042. With individually adjusted, red printed graduation and inscriptions and PP standard ground joint stoppers.
The volumetric flasks withstand exposure to temperatures up to 121°C (autoclaving) without permanent loss of tolerance. Recommended cleaning temperature: up to 60°C to preserve printing on the flasks.
Volumetric flasks, plastic, Class B

Volumetric flasks, plastic, Class B

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Volumetric flasks, plastic, Class B

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Joint size (NS)Tolerance
PKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
109010/190.0819.276 67067795
2511510/190.0819.276 67167195
5015012/210.1219.276 67267295
10018014/230.2019.276 67367395
25023519/260.3019.276 67467495
50027019/260.5019.276 67567595
100031024/290.8019.276 67667695
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