InKjel M manually adjustable infrared digestion system

Rapid digestion system with manually adjustable energy control and direct heating of the samples through high-quality quartz radiators (1500W).
  • Quartz infra-red radiators peak at 830°C within 1 min.
Particularly uniform heating at all sample positions
All InKjel systems are fitted completely with multi-level consoles, fume extraction unit, sample rack and glass digestion vessels.

Configurations available:
  • 6 sample vessels each 250ml
  • 12 sample vessels each 100ml
  • 12 sample vessels each 250ml
  • 4 sample vessels each 500ml
  • 4 sample vessels each 750ml
9.843 770

9.843 770

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InKjel M manually adjustable infrared digestion system

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