Tips, Varitip P and Varitip S

  • Varitip P for aspirating 1ml to 10ml, e.g. out of beakers (Positive displacement tips)
  • Varitip S for aspirating 2.5ml to 10ml out of high, narrow neck vessels (Air displacement tips)
  • The system consists of a dispensing part and Maxitips
  • No carry-over as Maxitip is exchanged
  • Valve for the maxitip ensures the drip-free dispensing of liquids with high vapour pressure
  • Graduated Maxitip G for compensating the Varipette's nominal value

Varitip P for extraction from smaller vessels
Varitip S for removal from narrow neck vessels and volumetric flasks, consisting of: dispensing part, Maxitip, Maxitip G, and valve for Varitip S
Tips, Varitip P and Varitip S

Tips, Varitip P and Varitip S

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Tips, Varitip P and Varitip S

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