Sleeves, PTFE, disposable

Seals without grease - no grease residues are left in the analysis. Excellent chemical resistance. Can be used in temperatures from -200 to +260°C. Wall thickness only 0.05mm. Wide range of applications, also suitable for vacuums down to 0.1mbar, e.g. for rotary evaporators.
Sleeves, PTFE, disposable

Sleeves, PTFE, disposable
NSPKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
7/1619.011 31651416 N.M.L.
10/1919.011 31751417 N.M.L.
19/2619.011 3201-5144
34/3519.011 32351423 N.M.L.
40/3819.011 3301-5148
50/4219.011 32551425 N.M.L.
55/4419.011 32651426 N.M.L.
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