Multi-channel Pumps for Pump drives Hei-FLOW

  • These pump drives are able to be configured for multi-channel use: Value 01, Advantage 01, Precision 01
  • Increased output by running up to 12 individual cassettes on one single pump drive and pump head system
  • Separate metering into multiple vessels with different feed rates at the same time by using different tubing dimensions to adjust flow rates
  • Easy and quick tubing change
  • In addition to standard pump heads which feature a 4 roller system, 8 roller pump heads are available for low pulsation
  • Easy change of cassettes, even during operation
  • Cassettes adjustments and changes are simple due to click system
  • With possibility to upgrade the pump drive with an adapter for multi-channel operation
9.829 285

9.829 285

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Multi-channel Pumps for Pump drives Hei-FLOW

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