Adapters with NS stopcock, DURAN® tubing

Made of DURAN® tubing. Adapter, NS cone to 10mm bore tubing connector. Straight or angled (90°). Available with or without solid glass plug, bore 2,5 mm.
9.012 319

9.012 319
StopcockPKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
straight14/23+19.012 3165.0970.01
straight14/23-19.012 3125.0920.01
bent14/23+19.012 3155.0980.01
bent14/23-19.012 3115.0950.01
straight19/26-16.800 4495.0920.02
straight19/26+16.202 3805.0970.02
bent19/26+16.200 6465.0980.02
bent19/26-16.082 8545.0950.02
straight24/29-16.900 7355.0920.03
straight24/29+16.080 9325.0970.03
bent24/29+16.204 7045.0980.03
bent24/29-16.700 8905.0950.03
straight29/32+19.012 3195.0970.04
straight29/32-19.012 3145.0920.04
bent29/32+19.012 3175.0980.04
bent29/32-19.012 3135.0950.04
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