Mini-Incubator LLG-uniINCU 20

The portable LLG-uniINCU 20 digital incubator is ideally suited for haematology and microbiology applications, such as the cultivation of contact plates for microbiological hygiene analysis. Due to its small footprint and economical price, it is also the perfect incubator for educational institutions and small laboratories. The LLG-uniINCU 20 incubator features a large internal chamber with a capacity of 20 liter, capable of storing flasks and bottles up to 2 liter. In addition, the incubator includes two adjustable/removable shelves for increased capacity, as well as an electrical socket. The digital temperature control eliminates the need for external thermometers and repetitive "fine tuning" of an analog control knob. Optimum temperature distribution throughout the cabinet interior by fan circulation. The LLG-mini tumbling shaker uniSHAKER 2 which can be positioned inside the incubator (please order separatly).
Specifications LLG-uniINCU 20
Temperature range:Ambient + 5 °C to 60 °C
Accuracy:± 0.5 °C
Temperature uniformity:± 1.5 °C
Capacity:20 l
External dimensions (W x D x H):335 x 370 x 475 mm
Internal dimensions (W x D x H):260 x 235 x 325 mm
Weight:6.5 kg
Power supply:100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Warranty:3 years
Mini-Incubator LLG-uniINCU 20

Mini-Incubator LLG-uniINCU 20
TypePlug type
PKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
LLG-uniINCU 20EU16.263 5706263570
LLG-uniINCU 20UK16.263 5716263571
Set LLG-uniINCU 20 incl. LLG-uniSHAKER 2EU16.280 5976280597
Set LLG-uniINCU 20 incl. LLG-uniSHAKER 2UK16.280 5986280598