Drying tubes, DURAN® tubing

Made of DURAN® tubing. Angled to 75°.
9.012 703

9.012 703
PKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
 16.202 9015.3370.02
14/2319.012 7015.3370.01
29/3219.012 7035.3370.04
PTFE sealing rings for jointed glassware
Sleeves, cone joint, PTFE
Sleeves with ribs, PTFE
Sleeves, PTFE, disposable
Joint clips KECK, POM, for conical ground joints
Joint clips KECK, POM, for spherical ground joints
Ground joint clips for sleeve connections, wire, Chrome-nickel steel
Joint clips for conical joint sleeve connections
Joint grease, K.W.S
BUDDE - joint grease
Engler Distilling Flasks, DURAN®
Gas leak detection fluid