Dropping funnels, cylindrical, with pressure equalizing tube, borosilicate glass 3.3

Borosilicate glass 3.3. Cylindrical shape, with pressure equalizing tube. With NS socket and interchangeable PE stopper, plug with retaining device. With solid glass key or PTFE key.
9.012 769

9.012 769
NSKeysPKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
2512.514/23solid16.072 1724.3522.11
5012.514/23solid19.012 7554.3528.11
5012.529/32solid19.012 7674.3528.14
10022.514/23solid19.012 7564.3537.11
10022.529/32solid19.012 7684.3537.14
25054.014/23solid19.012 7574.3549.11
25054.029/32solid19.012 7694.3549.14
500104.029/32solid19.012 7704.3558.14
1000206.029/32solid17.601 1474.3570.14
2512.514/23PTFE19.012 7514.3722.11
5012.514/23PTFE19.012 7524.3728.11
5012.529/32PTFE16.223 4274.3728.14
10022.514/23PTFE19.012 7534.3737.11
10022.529/32PTFE16.900 3124.3737.14
25054.029/32PTFE19.012 7644.3749.14
500104.029/32PTFE19.012 7654.3758.14
1000206.029/32PTFE19.012 7664.3770.14
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