Cryogenic storage tanks BF 2350 M / BF 2350 PM

The BF series cryogenic storage containers offer a very high storage capacity for all types of biological samples. They are designed with high efficiency multi layer insulation, providing a reliable and efficient sample cryopreservation, collected in straws, cryovials or blood bags.
  • Storage of racks and canisters (straws, cryovials, bloodbags)
  • Liquid, gas, dry storage possible
  • Large neck opening of the container offers easy access to all samples.
  • S170 CryoController for automatic filling of cryo-container, temperature and liquid nitrogen level measurement, alarm transmission
  • Data transfer towards a supervision management system (optional)
  • Gas spring assisted opening lid with locking device (except BF2110)
  • Protective cover on the lid insulation allows easy cleaning to avoid pollution
  • Optional rotating basket on BF2350PM and BF2600PM
  • Wide range of polycarbonate, aluminium and stainless steel racks available

The vessels are made in France with stainless steel, according to the highest quality levels. All units of the BF 2000 series are CE-marked, and comply with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/CEE.

Containers for gas and dry storage and other models are available on request.
Capacity:402 l
Opening BF 2350 M / BF 2350 PM:diam. 800 mm / diam. 764 mm
Static holding time:57 days
Net weight BF 2350 M / BF 2350 PM:380 kg / 400 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H):1052 x 872 x 1095 mm
Cryogenic storage tanks BF 2350 M / BF 2350 PM

Cryogenic storage tanks BF 2350 M / BF 2350 PM

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Cryogenic storage tanks BF 2350 M / BF 2350 PM

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