Calibration and test material for conductivity measurements

Test resistors and calibration solutions to test the meters with conductivity function as well as to calibrate the system from the device and conductivity measuring cell
  • Optimal measuring safety by PTB/NIST traceable standard solutions
  • Easy device check by highly precise test resistors
  • Pharmacopeia conforming test kits
TypeDescriptionPKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
USP KIT 2Kit according to pharmacopeia: LR 325/01 with stainless steel flow vessel, test resistor set, calibration sta16.227 656300568
E-SET TraceTest and calibration standard 1413 μS/cm at 25 °C19.704 137300572
KS 100 μSTest and calibration standard 100 μS/cm at 25 °C16.801 249300578
KS 5 μSTest and calibration standard 5 μS/cm at 25 °C16.222 865300580