Blowlamp Soudogaz® X 2000 / X 2000 PZ

High performance multi-purpose blowlamp with a high quality brass burner. Metallic cartridge cover with plastic screw-on base for easy cartridge insertion. To use with cartridge C 206 GLS.
Weight:380g without cartridge
Flame temperature:approx. 1750°C
9.018 540 Heco-Catalogue

9.018 540
TypePKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
Soudogaz® X 2000 without piezo ignition19.018 5402000026174
Soudogaz® X 2000 PZ with piezo ignition19.018 5392000026177
Gas cartridges
Gas lighter
Piezoelectric gas lighter, Clipper
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