Mixer Mills MM 200 / 400

The mixer mills are true laboratory "all-rounders". They have been developed specially for grinding, homogenising and mixing of small amounts of sample in only a few seconds. They are also perfectly suitable for the disruption of biological cells as well as for DNA/RNA recovery. The MM 400 can also be used for cryogenic and wet grinding.

  • 2 milling stations
  • Digital setting of time and vibration intensity
  • 9 separate programmes can be stored
  • Wide selection of grinding jar sizes and materials
  • Self-locking and self-centering, clamping device for grinding jars (MM 400)
  • Screw-top grinding jars up to 50ml, especially suitable for wet and cryogenic grinding (MM 400)

Accessories for cryogenic grinding and adapter with centrifuge tubes for cell disruption available on request.
Grinding jars and balls please order separately.
Feed size*
MM 200:up to 6mm
MM 400:up to 8mm
Ultimate fineness*
MM 200:< 10µm
MM 400:< 5µm
MM 200:max. 2 x 10ml
MM 400:max. 2 x 20ml
Digital preselection of vibrational frequency
MM 200:3 to 25Hz (180 to 1500rpm.)
MM 400:3 to 30Hz (180 to 1800rpm.)
Power supply:100 - 240V 50/60Hz
9.739 080 Heco-Catalogue

9.739 080
TypeMin. rotation
Max. rotation
Max. Feed quantity/
Flow rate
(W x D x H)
Cat. No.
Manuf. Prod. No.
MM 200, with EU-plug180150020371 x 461 x 26625.0019.739 08020.746.0001
MM 400, with EU-plug180150040371 x 461 x 26626.0019.739 09120.745.0001
*depending on feed material
Grinding Jars for Mixer Mill MM 200
Grinding Jars for Mixer Mill MM 400
Grinding balls for Mixer Mill MM 200 / MM 400 / CryoMill
Accessories for mixer mills MM200 and MM301
Accessories for mixer mills MM200 and MM400
Mixer mill MM 200 / MM 301, accessory grinding balls