Polarimeter P8000 series

Polarimeters with patented measuring method, which reduces the measuring time to approx. 1 s regardless of the sample's angle of rotation. They are used when particularly high demands are placed on measurement accuracy and on continuous data recording and data backup. The instruments have all the functions required in FDA-regulated areas and meet all requirements of GMP/GLP and international standards.
  • Fast reliable measurement up to an optical density of 3.0 OD, measurement time of approx. 1 s
  • Easy, menu-driven adjustment
  • Any number of freely configurable methods
  • Suitable measurement tube for any type of sample
  • Temperature measurement directly inside the sample
  • Reliable temperature compensation
  • Complete documentation of measured values
  • Compliance with global standards (GMP/GLP, 21 CFR Part 11, Pharmacopoeia (USP, BP, JP, Ph. Eur.), FDA, ISO, HACCP, OIML, ASTM, ICUMSA, NIST)
Scale:Optical rotation [°], int. sugar scale [°Z],
concentration [g/100 ml], spec. rotation
Measuring range / Resolution:±90° / 0.001°
±259 °Z / 0,01 °Z ml
Measuring time:approx. 1 s (±90°)
Light source:1 LED with filter
Wave length:589 nm
Temperature range:0 ... 99.9 °C
Resolution:0.1 °C
Accuracy:±0.2 °C
Dimensions (W x D x H):640 x 360 x 200 mm
Weight:28 kg
Power supply:110 ... 250 V, 50/60 Hz
Polarimeter P8000 series

Polarimeter P8000 series

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Polarimeter P8000 series

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