Vacuum oven 6000

For the careful, rapid drying and heat treatment of temperature sensitive substances and components in the electronics, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biochemical industries.
With electro-polished and internally welded, rectangular chamber made of 1.4571 stainless steel and silicone door seal. Also features analogue pressure display, stainless steel ball valve to control vacuum, rapid air ventilation valve, inert gas connection with pressure relief safety valve for controlled chamber purging and corrosion resistant vacuum fittings. Small flange (DN 25 KF) vacuum fittings are positioned on the rear panel of the cabinet. An overheat cut-out (Class 2) is supplied as standard. 53L models are supplied with two shelves, 128L models are supplied with three shelves.

Type M, with heated jacket, range up to 200°C.
Heat is conducted from the heated chamber through the shelves to the sample. The shelves are removeable. With Kelvitron® microprocessor temperature controller.

Type P, with heated shelves, range up to 300°C (up to 400°C on request).
Tubular heating elements in the shelves heat the sample directly, providing rapid heat-up and processing times. With individual shelf temperature control, a common temperature value is set for all plates. With Digicon® electronic temperature controller.

Options for VT 6000:
  • Inert gas connection
  • Digital pressure display
  • Pressure controller with electronic valve
  • FKM door seal - Timers
  • Digital sample temperature display
  • Variety of temperature controllers
  • Analogue interface
  • Maximum temperature 400°C.
  • Interface connection for central monitoring
  • Temperature documentation
  • Calibration certificate

Shelves - further options available on request. Fully equipped vacuum pump control station Vacucenter available as an accessory for Vacutherm 6060 and 6130 ovens. Choice of 3 different vacuum pumps available according to operating conditions.
Vacuum oven 6000

Vacuum oven 6000

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Vacuum oven 6000

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