Options and accessories for water baths

Flat cover: Flat stainless steel cover with openings and concentric ring sets
Gable cover: Stainless steel gable cover, also suitable for shaking device and Peltier cooling device
Shaking device: Shaking device including support frame (for racks or support basket with perforated mounting shelf) for use in water baths, shaking speed 35-160 strokes per minute (horizontal back/forth movement), requires gable cover
Peltier-cooling device CDP115: For precise operation with temperatures starting from +10 °C. The temperature is controlled via the electronic controller of the waterbath with a precision of ±0.1 K. Easy fitting to bath by snap-on-technology, suitable for all tank sizes. Power supply: 230 V, 50/60 Hz or 115 V, 60 Hz (please state in case of order). Effective cooling capacity: 115W. Pumping capacity of circulation pump for coolant: 600ml/min
Bottom grid: reversible for 2 heights (30 mm and 60 mm)
Options and accessories for water baths

Options and accessories for water baths

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Options and accessories for water baths

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OpeningsPKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
Flat cover7147119.906 530B02680 / 7
Flat cover10107319.906 531B02681 / 10
Flat cover1487619.906 532B02682 / 14
Flat cover2287619.906 533B02682 / 22
Flat cover29107819.906 534B02684 / 29
Flat cover45107819.906 537B02684 / 45
Flat cover29/45147416.073 294B02685
Gable cover7  19.906 561B02641
Gable cover10  19.906 562B02642
Gable cover14/22  16.306 619B02643
Gable cover29/45  16.228 924B04390
Flat cover for Peltier cooling device7147119.906 565B24372 7
Flat cover for Peltier cooling device10107319.906 566B24373 10
Flat cover for Peltier cooling device14/2287619.906 567B04552 14/22
Flat cover for Peltier cooling device29/45107819.906 568B04462 29/45
Factory calibration certificate at 37°C   19.867 696D00123
CDP115 Peltier Cooling Deviceall  19.906 651CDP115
Water level controlall  19.906 650L3 WNB/WNE/WPE
Installation and connection set for Peltier cooling device CDP115all  17.900 153B02770
Bottom grid7  16.302 001E02893 / 7
Bottom grid10  17.076 000E02894 / 10
Bottom grid14  16.200 774E02895 / 14
Bottom grid22  17.076 101E02895 / 22
Bottom grid29  17.083 478E02896 / 29
Bottom grid45  16.801 467E02896 / 45
Shaking device14/22  17.075 941SV1422
Shaking device29/45  16.228 923SV2945