Micro plates Riplate® magnetic

Riplate® magnetic plates have been specially developed for the reproducible magnetic separation of DNA and proteins and can also be used for cleaning, mixing or centrifugation of samples as well as for the storage and preparation of substances.
For the filtration of proteins as well as for DNA extraction, an automated method called magnetic separation is commonly used. The technology is based on magnetic particles which allow the fast and efficient sample preparation with high throughput. The sustainability of these products as well as reliable analysis results are ensured by the production under cleanroom conditions (class 8). The plates are in line with the SBS standard (Society for Biomolecular Screening) and have been especially developed for the magnetic separation technology.
  • High resistance towards commonly used chemicals, solvents and alcohols
  • High stability also during centrifugation
  • Newly developed cylindrical wells enable a good bioturbation of samples
  • Slightly raised rims reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • The alphanumeric code allows the registration and identification of individual samples even in confined spaces
Total volume
Riplate® 96 SRW magnetic 0,2 ml:0.2 ml/Well
Riplate® 96 SRW magnetic 2 ml:2 ml/Well
Working volume
Riplate® 96 SRW magnetic 0,2 ml:0 to 100 µl
Riplate® 96 SRW magnetic 2 ml:20 to 1000 µl (with knobbed lid)
Micro plates Riplate® magnetic

Micro plates Riplate® magnetic

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Micro plates Riplate® magnetic

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