USB Hand held microscopes for industry

Dino-Lite digital USB microscopes are powerful, portable and easy to use for many different applications in the Industry and for Material Sciences. Most models have a polarizer for working with reflective objects. In addition to the standard white light LEDs, ultraviolet or infrared LED models are available for specific samples and applications.
  • USB 2.0, maximum 30 fps
  • 1,3 or 5 MP image resolution
  • Edge sensor for very low image errors or vignetting
  • Extended Depth of Field (EDOF)
  • Extended Dynamic Range (EDR)
  • Automatic Magnification Reading (AMR)
  • Adjustable Polariser
  • Flexible-LED-Control (FLC)

Scope of supply: Carrying pouch, Software CD for Windows and Mac OS (not for EDOF, EDR models), calibration slide, manual
6.285 921

6.285 921

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USB Hand held microscopes for industry

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Type ResolutionMag-
LightingPKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
AM4113ZT 1,3 MP10x ... 70x, 200xLED, white16.285 921AM4113ZT
AM4113ZTL 1,3 MP10x ... 90xLED, white16.285 926AM4113ZTL
AM4113T-FV2W 1,3 MP10x ... 70x, 200xLED, UV 375 nm, white16.286 111AM4113T-FV2W
AM4113T-FVW*1,3 MP10x ... 70x, 200xLED, UV 390/400 nm, white16.285 933AM4113T-FVW
AD4113T-I2V*1,3 MP20x ... 220xLED, 390/400 nm UV + 940 nm IR16.285 934AD4113T-I2V
AM4115ZTL***1,3 MP10x ... 140xLED, white16.272 603AM4115ZTL
AM4515ZT (AMR)***1,3 MP20x ... 220xLED, white16.285 922AM4515ZT
AM4515ZT4 (AMR)***1,3 MP400x ... 470xLED, white16.285 931AM4515ZT4
AM4515T8 (AMR)*/***1,3 MP700x ... 900xLED, white16.285 932AM4515T8
AM4515ZTL (AMR)***1,3 MP10x ... 140xLED, white16.285 927AM4515ZTL
WF4515ZT (AMR)**/***1,3 MP20x ... 220xLED, white14.668 455WF4515ZT
AM4815ZT (EDOF, EDR)***1,3 MP20x ... 220xLED, white16.285 923AM4815ZT
AM4815ZTL (EDOF, EDR)***1,3 MP10x ... 140xLED, white16.285 928AM4815ZTL
WF4915ZT (AMR, EDOF, EDR, FLC)**/***1,3 MP20x ... 220xLED, white14.668 456WF4915ZT
AM7515MZT (AMR, FLC)***5,0 MP20x ... 220xLED, white16.285 924AM7515MZT
AM7515MZTL (AMR, FLC)***5,0 MP10x ... 140xLED, white16.285 929AM7515MZTL
AM7515MT8A (AMR, FLC)***5,0 MP800x ... 900xLED, white, coaxial14.668 454AM7515MT8A
AM7915MZT (AMR, EDOF, EDR, FLC)***5,0 MP20x ... 220xLED, white16.285 925AM7915MZT
AM7915MZTL (AMR, EDOF, EDR, FLC)***5,0 MP10x ... 140xLED, white16.285 930AM7915MZTL
*without polarizer
**with WIFI streamer
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