Universal digital thermometers, Multi

Measuring range -50 to 200°C x 0.1°C, switchable to °F. Hfunction and 125 x 3.5mm stainless steel penetration probe. With battery.
Maxi-T and Maxi-Pen with maximum-minimum memory and water-proof casing.
9.243 120 Heco-Catalogue

9.243 120
TypeAccuracyPKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
Maxi-T±1° C at -20° C to + 120° C19.243 120E905180
Maxi-Pen±1° C at -20° C to + 120° C19.243 121E905190
Multi<1° C at -20° C to + 100° C19.243 108E905000
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