behrotest® WD 30 Cooling Monitor

With emergency shut-off function for power and water intake
  • The behrotest® WD 30 is a user-friendly device for monitoring cooling circuits in the laboratory.
  • In case of a system leakage the WD 30 shuts off the water intake as well as the electrical heating device and thus prevents damages in the laboratory caused by water.
  • The behrotest® WD 30 is position-independant, i.e. it can be run anywhere in the lab in any position.
  • An audible warning signal provides additional safety.

Included in delivery of the behrotest® WD 30 coolant monitor are:
  • Monitor unit with two flow sensors and solenoit valve, incl. cable connection for the controller (1,5 m)
  • Controller with isolated ground receptable for the connection of heating devices, etc.
  • Hose kit with connections
  • Adapter kit for the connection to the water supply and the behrotest® UK circulation cooling unit.
Power supply230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
System pressure0,2 ... 10 bar
Flow rate5 ... 30 l/min.
behrotest® WD 30 Cooling Monitor

behrotest® WD 30 Cooling Monitor

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behrotest® WD 30 Cooling Monitor

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