Ultra pure water system OmniaLabED+

For pure water and ultra pure water Type I + II.
Delivers the complete laboratory pure water and ultra-pure water supply. The system complies with international water standards such as ASTM, ISO 3696 and CLSI. The economy of it is maximized by the inclusion of a continuously self-regenerating electrodeionizer. Further to this, each OmniaLabED+-system holds 100 litres of pure water type II ready for withdrawal in a storage tank that is equipped with quality recirculation. The flexible positioning of the purification modules enables OmniaLabED+ to be supplied as a tower-unit (mobile on castors) or, to save space, for fitting in a base cabinet. OmniaLabED+ is exactly right as pure water supplier to autoclaves, laboratory washing machines and the dipensing of type I ultra pure water for analytical and bioscience applications.

Application: Complete laboratory supply
Specifications OmniaLab
Type II
ED20+ / ED40+ / ED70+
Ultrapure water output:20 l/h / 40 l/h / 70 l/h
Resistivity:15-1 MΩ-cm
Conductivity:0.067 ... 1 µS/cm
Pure water tank pressurized outlet:optional
Bacteria (with end filter):
Particles (with end filter):
< 0.1 CFU/ml
< 1/ml
Type I
Resistivity (with ultrapure water cartridge):18.2 MΩ-cm
Conductivity (with ultrapure water cartridge):0.055 µS/cm
TOC value (with UV unit):1 ... 5 ppb
Feed water requirements:softened water according to DIN 2000
Dimensions Tower (W x D x H):511 x 575 x 1520* mm
Dimensions base cabinet tank (W x D x H):511 x 575 x 800 mm
Power supply:
43 kg / 43 kg / 45 kg
90-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Ultra pure water system OmniaLabED+

Ultra pure water system OmniaLabED+

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Ultra pure water system OmniaLabED+

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