Jars with screw cap, PC

Cylindrical. Very durable. Stackable. Non-toxic. Suitable for cold storage rooms and refrigerators. Autoclavable - remove cap before autoclaving.
  • Excellent for cold room and refrigerated use, easy to see contents
  • Wide-mouth and straight sides provide full-access and complete sample retrieval ease
  • 15, 30 and 60mL jars have natural polypropylene closures
  • 125mL to 1L jars have white polypropylene closures with recessed tops for stacking
  • 125 and 250mL sizes fit Osterizer™ and other blenders that have Mason Jar threads, recommended for use with Fluid Transfer Closure 7.048 079
  • Not liquid leakproof, not recommended for liquid transport
  • Autoclavable/Transparent
Jars with screw cap, PC Heco-Catalogue

Jars with screw cap, PC
Cat. No.
Manuf. Prod. No.
15.0No46.0019.033 1812116-0015
15.0No46.0049.033 2372116-0015 VE=4
30.0No48.0019.033 1822116-0030
30.0No48.0049.033 2382116-0030 VE=4
60.0No45.0019.033 1832116-0060
60.0No45.0049.033 2392116-0060 VE=4
125.0No74.0019.033 1842116-0125
125.0No74.0049.033 2402116-0125 VE=4
250.0No119.0019.033 1852116-0250
250.0No119.0049.033 2412116-0250 VE=4
500.0No88.0019.033 1862116-0500
500.0No88.0049.033 2422116-0500 VE=4
1000.0No151.0019.033 1872116-1000