LLG-Low-Retention Pipette tips pipettes premium, non-sterile

Certified free of DNase, RNase, suitable for microbiology. Guaranteed metal-free.

Sample retention can be a major contributor to pipetting inaccuracy, and siliconization of tips has proved unsatisfactory because of autoclaving and contamination problems. For LLG pipette tips "Premium" a new polymer, Novelle-Polypropylene has been developed, that produces a "super slick surface" on our new LLG pipette tips "Premium", that actually improves with autoclaving and cannot leach from the tip surface. On average, Novelle Polymer and LLG pipette tips "Premium" reduces the tip retention by near 85% and decreases the standard deviation of the retained volume by more than 75%. Liquid handling accuracy and precision are crucial to success in today's molecular biology laboratories, especially for DNA analysis and protein handling. A significant culprit of pipette inaccuracy is binding of sample. The LLG pipette tips "Premium" reduces the binding, thus increasing sample delivery accuracy. Tests demonstrate that LLG pipette tips "Premium" significantly reduces the amount of DNA and protein bound by the tip. Furthermore LLG pipette tips "Premium" offer a marked improvement over the best low retention technologies.
LLG-Low-Retention Pipette tips pipettes premium, non-sterile Heco-Catalogue

LLG-Low-Retention Pipette tips pipettes premium, non-sterile
PKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
Clear0.1 - 101 bag of 100010009.409 0389409038
Clear0.1 - 1010 racks of 969609.409 0399409039
Clear1 - 2001 bag of 100010009.409 0419409041
Clear1 - 20010 racks of 969609.409 0429409042
Clear100 - 10002 bags of 50010009.409 0439409043
Clear100 - 100010 racks of 969609.409 0449409044