LLG-Low retention filter tips, sterile

Certified free of DNase, RNase, suitable for microbiology. Guaranteed metal-free. Sterility acc. to EN 552/ISO 11137 and DIN EN 556.

Filter pore size (effective) 4 to 6µm.
Also liquid handling accuracy and precision are crucial to success in today's molecular biology laboratories, especially for DNA analysis and protein handling. A significant culprit of pipette inaccuracy is binding of sample. The LLG-Filter tips reduce the binding, thus increasing sample delivery accuracy. Tests demonstrate that LLG-Filter tips significantly reduce the amount of DNA and protein bound by the tip. Furthermore LLG-Filter tips "Premium" offer a marked improvement over the best low retention technologies.
LLG-Low retention filter tips, sterile Heco-Catalogue

LLG-Low retention filter tips, sterile
PKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
Clear0.1 - 1010 racks of 969609.409 0339409033
Clear1 - 2010 racks of 969609.409 0349409034
Clear1 - 10010 racks of 969609.409 0359409035
Clear1 - 20010 racks of 969609.409 0369409036
Clear100 - 100010 racks of 969609.409 0379409037