Biosart®100 monitors

Filtration unit for use with a Sartorius vacuum manifold or direct attachment to a special vacuum pump. Biosart® 100 Monitors have been specifically designed for the microbiological testing of pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, water and other liquids. These sterile disposable units with built-in membrane filter and cellulose pad are ready to use. After filtration, just remove the 100ml funnel to convert the monitor into a petri dish. Culture media for wetting the pad are available in individually sterilised, convenient plastic ampoules. Biosart® 100 Monitors are ready to use filter units designed to fit onto the receivers of a vacuum manifold. For use with Biosart® 100 culture media.
Biosart®100 monitors

Biosart®100 monitors

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Biosart®100 monitors

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K470.45grey / white489.049 31516403-47-06----K
ACK470.20white / black489.049 31116401-47-07--ACK
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Adapter for BioSart55 -19.049 32016414
ACK= individually sterile packed. K= sterile.
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