Adhesive label tape Write-on™, writable

Specially coated plastic tape with adhesive backing. Makes labels of any length. Can be used with any pens. Excellent adhesion to glass, metal, PE, etc. Resistant to humidity, as well as acids and alkali solutions in weak concentrations. Leaves no residue when removed.
Temperature resistance
up to 157 °C:
up to 80 °C:
Resistant to -80 °C.
Autoclavable at 121 °C.

30 min
24 h
Adhesive label tape Write-on™, writable Heco-Catalogue

Adhesive label tape Write-on™, writable
PKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
White12.736.419.040 379F13483-0050
White19.036.419.040 380F13483-0075
White25.436.419.040 381F13483-0100
White12.754.619.040 351F13490-0050
White19.054.619.040 352F13490-0075
White25.454.619.040 353F13490-0100
Red12.736.419.040 336F13484-0050
Red19.036.419.040 341F13484-0075
Red25.436.419.040 346F13484-0100
Yellow12.736.419.040 337F13485-0050
Yellow19.036.419.040 342F13485-0075
Yellow25.436.419.040 347F13485-0100
Green12.736.419.040 338F13486-0050
Green19.036.419.040 343F13486-0075
Green25.436.419.040 348F13486-0100
Blue12.736.419.040 339F13487-0050
Blue19.036.419.040 344F13487-0075
Blue25.436.419.040 349F13487-0100
Orange12.736.419.040 340F13488-0050
Orange19.036.419.040 345F13488-0075
Orange25.436.419.040 350F13488-0100
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