Mini-Incubator CULTURA® M including Multirack

The CULTURA® M Mini-Incubator has specifically been designed for the incubation of contact slides and dipslides, as well as common Petri dishes for detecting bacteria, fungi and yeast. With its extremely small footprint, it can easily be transported wherever you need to use it. The Cultura® M incubator has an internal capacity of approximately 4 L. It is used in the areas of medical diagnostics and water analytics. The transparent door allows you to check inside the incubator without opening the door. Supplied with one Multirack for the incubation of up to 18 dipslides, one shelf and one thermometer.

Supplied with a Free LLG-Min/Max Digital-Thermometer with Outdoor Sensor.
Temperature range:25 to 45°C
Temperature uniformity:±1.0°C
External dimensions ( W x D x H):310 x 168 x 155mm
Internal dimensions ( W x D x H):220 x 150 x 120mm
Power supply:230V, 50Hz
Warranty:2 Years
Mini-Incubator CULTURA® M including Multirack Heco-Catalogue

Mini-Incubator CULTURA® M including Multirack
TypePKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
Mini-Incubator CULTURA® M and CULTURA® M Multirack incl. LLG-Min/Max Thermometer16.280 59670700R PAKET