Infrared burner, PowerCube IRB1

The PowerCube is suitable for all rapid, non-contact heating activities in laboratories, industry and education. Reagent bottles, flasks or dishes, depending on their size, can be placed directly on the support trivet over the heating element or attached to a stand mounting.

  • Particularly safe as no open flame is used
  • Stable thanks to practical cube shape. The casing itself only gets slightly hot in use
  • Accelerated heating-up rate in comparison with other electrical heating devices
  • Heating element sealed in ceramic, therefore insensitive to external influences (spillages)
  • Low operational cost due to the long life heating element and low power consumption of only 200 W, in spite of high temperatures of 700°C

Accessories: Power controller LR1(Art. No. 9.018 697) for continuous energy regulation between 0 to 100 %. Stand mounting device for fitting the PowerCube onto a retort stand. Stainless steel retort rod for attachment directly to the back of the casing, length approx. 13cm.
Power / Supply:200W / 230V / 115V
Overall (W x D x H):100 x 105 x 105mm
Weight:approx. 700g
Max. temperature:700°C
Heated area:60 x 60mm
Infrared burner, PowerCube IRB1 Heco-Catalogue

Infrared burner, PowerCube IRB1
TypePKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
PowerCube IRB 1, 250W/230V19.018 6956060 000
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