Ion selective, gas-sensitive electrodes

Modular half cell with exchangeable diaphragm and S-7 plug head for determining the concentration of individual ions in aqueous solutions. Easy to use and require comparatively low expenditure on apparatus thereby offering advantages over wet chemistry and instrument analysis methods. Ion selective electrodes must be used in conjunction with a suitable reference electrode (InLab® Reference, cat no. 9.041 590).
Ion selective, gas-sensitive electrodes

Ion selective, gas-sensitive electrodes

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Ion selective, gas-sensitive electrodes

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mol / l
max. °C
MembranePKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
Bromide DX2801 to 10-60 to 80Solid state19.041 72151340300
Chloride DX2351 to 10-50 to 80Solid state19.041 72351340400
Fluoride DX2191 to 10-60 to 80Solid state19.041 72551340500
Calcium DX2401 to 10-60 to 50Polymer matrix19.041 73051340600
Potassium DX2391 to 10-60 to 50Polymer matrix19.041 73151340700
Nitrate DX2621 to 10-50 to 50Polymer matrix19.041 73251340800
Ammonium DX2181 to 10-60 to 50Polymer matrix19.041 73351340900
Copper DX2641 to 10-60 to 50Polymer matrix19.041 73651107678
Sodium DX223*1 to 10-70 to 60Glass19.041 73551340263
NH310-2 - 10-60 to 50Foil19.041 74551341000
InLab® Reference 0 to 100 19.041 59051343190
* Module not exchangeable.
Further ions sensitive electrodes on request.