Dispensers, bottle-top, ceramus®

New dispenser technology from Hirschmann laboratory apparatus, with ceramic pistons. ceramus® are a high-precision, bottle-top dispenser range for almost all liquids.
  • Environmentally-friendly, reagent-saving, recirculation valves
  • Tough, ceramic pistons
  • Simple, self-locking volume selection
  • When not in use, pistons can be locked and delivery tubes capped to prevent loss of reagent.
  • Fixed interval graduations give excellent reproducibility
  • 45mm screw neck and adapters supplied allow use with a variety of reservoir bottles
  • Smooth-action piston minimises operator fatigue during serial dispensing
  • High-grade construction materials provide long operational life
  • autoclavable at 121°C

Supplied with: ceramus® complete with thread adapters A 45mm, 3 thread adapters (A 32, S 40 Merck bottles and A 38), 1 screw-coupled suction tube, 1 discharge tube unit complete, 1 spanner for valve, with individual serial number and single calibration report.
9.287 801

9.287 801
max. vol.
( R%)
max. vol.
(≤ CV%)
PKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
Variable0.2 - 8009312000
Variable0.4 - 8019322000
Variable1.0 - 8029332000
Variable2.0 - 8039342000
Variable5.0 - 8049352000
Variable10.0 - 8059362000
Fixed1.0- 8069312100
Fixed2.0- 8079322100
Fixed5.0- 8089332100
Fixed10.0- 8099342100
Fixed25.0- 8159352100
Fixed50.0- 8169362100
Extendible dispensing tubing, FEP for ceramus® bottle-top dispensers
Bottle holder for bottle-top dispenser ceramus® and digital burette solarus®
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