Safety Eyeshields uvex pheos / uvex pheos s (small)

The modern, fashionable design of the uvex pheos safety spectacle makes it ideal for everyday wear. In addition to an attractive design, this safety spectacle incorporates highly innovative technology. Extremely scratch-resistant on the outside and permanently anti-fog on the inside thanks to uvex supravision excellence lens coating technology.
  • Modern, fashionable safety spectacle design
  • Duo-spherical lens with uvex supravision excellence lens coating
  • Rimless spectacles with wide field of vision and easy to clean
  • Permanent anti-fog on the inside
  • Extremely scratch-resistant on the outside
  • Completely metal-free

uvex pheos s: Smaller version of uvex pheos for narrower heads. Same properties as the standard models.
6.251 700 Heco-Catalogue

6.251 700
TypeColourLensPKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
uvex pheosblack/greenPC clear, UV 400, 2-1.216.251 7009192.225
uvex pheosblack/yellowPC amber, UV 400, 2C-1.216.255 4659192.385
uvex pheosblack/greyPC grey, UV 400, 5-2.516.252 9729192.285
uvex pheoslight grey/greyPC clear, UV 400, 2C-1.216.257 0359192.215
uvex pheosblack/greyPC clear, UV 400, 2C-1.217.661 1529192.280
uvex pheos swhite/greenPC clear, UV 400, 2C-1.216.257 0349192.725
uvex pheos santhracite/greyPC clear, UV 400, 2C-1.216.281 1789192.785