Laboratory bottles, DURAN® amber, with retrace code

DURAN®. ISO 4796-1, Amber with DIN thread. Neutral glass / Type I glass acc. to USP/EP and JP. Autoclavable. With approximate graduations. A ring-shaped moulding on the shoulder of the 100 to 2000ml bottles makes the filling height of the nominal capacity visible. The 25ml bottle has a specially formed rim for pouring (eliminating the need for an additional pouring ring).
UV protection up to 500nm. Unaffected DURAN® properties within the bottle, as colour is applied only to the outer surface. Very uniform, durable and chemically resistant, amber colour due to innovative technology. With Retrace code (Batch identification). Certificate available via the Internet.
Please order screw cap and pouring ring separately.
Laboratory bottles, DURAN® amber, with retrace code Heco-Catalogue

Laboratory bottles, DURAN® amber, with retrace code
Neck thread
PKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
2536702519.071 979218061409
5046873219.071 980218061709
100561004519.071 981218062405
150621054519.071 686218062902
250701384519.071 982218063607
500861764519.071 983218064406
750952034519.071 687218065102
10001012254519.071 984218065402
20001362604519.071 985218066304
35001602954519.071 688218066904
50001823304519.071 987218067309
100002274104519.071 988218068605
150002684454517.021 486218068802
200002885054519.071 989218069104
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