Laboratory bottles, DURAN®, with retrace code, with screw cap

ISO 4796-1 compliant. Thread acc. to DIN 168-1 and approximate graduations. The ring mark on the shoulder of the 100ml to the 2000ml bottles makes the filling height of the nominal capacity visible. The 25ml bottle has a specially shaped glass rim for pouring (eliminating the need for an additional pouring ring). Neutral glass / Type I glass in compliance with USP/EP and JP. With easy to read scale and large labelling field for easy marking. Highly durable white ceramic. With Retrace code (Batch identification). Certificate available via the Internet. Autoclavable.
With blue PP screw cap and pouring ring.
Laboratory bottles, DURAN®, with retrace code, with screw cap Heco-Catalogue

Laboratory bottles, DURAN®, with retrace code, with screw cap
with cap
Neck thread
PKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
25*36742519.072 003218011453
5046913219.072 000218011753
100561054519.072 001218012458
150621054519.071 680218012955
250701434519.072 002218013651
500861814519.072 005218014459
750952034519.071 681218015155
10001012304519.072 010218015455
20001362654519.072 007218016357
35001602954519.071 682218016957
50001823354519.072 008218017353
100002274154519.072 004218018658
150002684504517.076 312218018855
200002885104519.072 009218019157
*With specially shaped glass edge for improved pouring out (so that an additional plastic pouring ring is not required).
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