Wide-mouth bottles GLS 80® protect, DURAN®

Laboratory bottle with batch identification (Retrace Code), certificate available via the internet, with GLS80® wide-mouth (o.d. 80mm). Glass Type I / neutral glass as per USP, EP and JP. Autoclavable. Ideal for any application with powder or granulate, easier filling and emptying.
The coating of DURAN® protect is a resistant and transparent plastic coating based on a cross-linked copolymer. Complete with blue quick release closure (PP, integral lip seal) and pouring ring (PP) for drip-free pouring and clean, safe working.
The coating adheres to the surface of the glass and fulfils the following functions:
  • protection of the glass surface against mechanical damage (e.g. scratches)
  • keeps broken glass in place after breakage and avoids or reduces leakage
  • minimises loss of media in case of breakage
  • absorption of light up to a wavelength of 380nm
Temperature resistance:
  • autoclavable (< 135 °C)
  • can be used in microwaves
  • high temperature applications for extended periods (>30min) and direct heating with a flame not recommended
  • freezing down to -30°C possible
Temperature (max.):135 °C
Wide-mouth bottles GLS 80® protect, DURAN® Heco-Catalogue

Wide-mouth bottles GLS 80® protect, DURAN®
PKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
25095105.519.071 897218653652
500101148.019.284 5221160152
1000101218.019.284 5231160163
2000136248.019.284 5241160164
3500160271.019.071 969218656958
5000182310.019.284 5251160165
Connection system for wide-mouth bottles GLS 80®
Accessories for Wide-mouth bottles GLS 80®, PP
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