Laboratory peristaltic pumps, PLP

The Peristaltic Pumps PLP are suitable for conveying flowable and gaseous substances. Depending on the tube material, they are also suitable for different chemicals, corrosive, aggressive or sterile media. The Peristaltic Pumps PLP are used in the laboratory, in technical analysis, in medical technology, in biotechnology, in industry and food industry.
The peristaltic pump is made entirely of motor and mounted pump head, it is infinitely variable. The tubing is fitted to the angled connection of the pump head. For tubing with 5 mm inner diameter.
Laboratory peristaltic pumps, PLP Heco-Catalogue

Laboratory peristaltic pumps, PLP
PKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
PLP 337 - 33130019.700 420B00210216
PLP 6617 - 66130019.700 421B00210217
PLP 33066 - 400130019.700 422B00210218
PLP 1000250 - 1000144019.700 423B00210220
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