Laboratory Trolleys, PE-HD

Hard-wearing, sturdy, PE-HD construction resists chemicals and routine knocks and scratches in use, ensuring a long working life.
  • stable and high load bearing capacity, long life
  • not electrically conductive, easy to clean
  • hygienic, high density polyethylene
  • easy to assemble without screws, legs and bases can be recycled
  • top tray has integral handles
Laboratory Trolleys, PE-HD Heco-Catalogue

Laboratory Trolleys, PE-HD
PKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
WT 262 traysbeige46061066019.148 2005501-BEIGE
WT 262 traysred46061066019.148 2055501-ROT
WT 262 traysblue46061066019.148 2065501-BLAU
WT 262 traysyellow46061066019.148 2075501-GELB
WT 262 traysgreen46061066019.148 2085501-GRÜN
WT 343 traysbeige46061086019.148 2125502-BEIGE
WT 343 traysred46061086019.148 2105502-ROT
WT 343 traysblue46061086019.148 2115502-BLAU
WT 343 traysyellow46061086019.148 2015502-GELB
WT 343 traysgreen46061086019.148 2135502-GRÜN
WT 423 traysbeige460610106019.148 2165503-BEIGE
WT 423 traysbordeaux-red460610106016.227 0185503-BORDEAUXROT
WT 423 traysred460610106019.148 2155503-ROT
WT 423 traysblue460610106019.148 2025503-BLAU
WT 423 traysyellow460610106019.148 2185503-GELB
WT 423 traysgreen460610106019.148 2175503-GRÜN
Cabinetsuitable for WT 26, 34 and 42beige46061066019.148 2035510
Further colours available on request.
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