Safety temperature switch TEMPAT®-Control

Safety temperature switch for monitoring temperature-based routines of all kinds. Ideal for monitoring simple temperature controllers. The TEMPAT® Control device switches off when the limit temperature is obtained; a beep is heard. When the temperature drops below limit, the limit contact does not switch on automatically; it must be reset by the user.
Voltage:220-235V ~ 50/60Hz
Switching capacity:max. 1800VA
Switching current:max. 8A
Measuring accuracy:±1%
Dimensions:150 x 80 x 55mm
Safety temperature switch TEMPAT®-Control Heco-Catalogue

Safety temperature switch TEMPAT®-Control
PKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
TEMPAT®-Control Pt1000 - 60019.725 33032101036
TEMPAT®-Control NiCr-Ni0 - 120019.725 33132101037
TEMPAT®-Control Fe-CuNi0 - 60019.725 33232101038