Single channel microliter pipettes Eppendorf Research® plus (General Lab Product), variable

Available with fixed or adjustable volume. The ultra light Eppendorf Research plus pipettor meets the highest requirements in precision and accuracy.
  • Color-coded control buttons for volume detection
  • Four-digit volume display with magnifying display
  • Just a few turns to set the desired volume
  • Very low operating forces (control knob, ejector)
  • Spring-loaded tip cone for optimum tip fit with minimal attachment force
  • Selection between single-channel, multi-channel and fixed volume pipettes in different sizes
  • Adjustment possibilities for liquids of different density than water
  • High resistance to chemicals and mechanical stress
  • Fully autoclavable

This pipette is a General Lab Product for research purposes.
  • Eppendorf PerfectPiston™: Ultra light piston made of Fortron® (except 2.5µl, 10µl, 5ml and 10ml pipettors)
  • quick connection clip: easily removable lower part (not in 5ml and 10ml pipettes)
  • spring loaded tip cone: Improved ergonomics, tight fit to the tip (except 5ml and 10ml pipettors)
7.648 488

7.648 488

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Single channel microliter pipettes Eppendorf Research® plus (General Lab Product), variable

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max. vol.
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