Portable Balances, Scout® SKX

The next generation of portable balance for classrooms
  • Superior overload protection and practical stackable design for convenient storage
  • Bright backlit LCD and 4 button operation make the new scout easy to see and use
  • Multiple connectivity options are available for data logging and communication
  • Fast weighing speed and high resolution delivers repeatable and reliable results
  • Application: Weighing, density determination, mole weighing
  • Display: Backlit LCD: 6-digit 7-segment with white LED backlight
  • Operation: AC adapter (included), batteries (not included)
  • Communication: Optional RS232, USB host, USB device, Bluetooth or Ethernet
  • Construction: ABS housing, stainless steel pan, replaceable in-use cover
  • Design Features: Fast stabilization time, menu lock switch, stackable design, security slot, integral weigh below hook for below balance weighing applications, transportation lock, removable stainless steel weighing platform, stability indicator, overload and underload indicators, low battery indicator, auto shut-off
6.281 350 Heco-Catalogue

6.281 350
PKCat. No.Manuf. Prod. No.
SKX123diam. 931200.00116.281 34430253070
SKX222diam.1202200.0116.281 34530253071
SKX422diam. 1204200.0116.281 34630253072
SKX622diam. 1206200.0116.281 34730253073
SKX1202170 x 14012000.0116.281 34830253074
SKX2202170 x 14022000.0116.281 34930253075
SKX421diam. 1204200.116.281 35030253076
SKX621170 x 1406200.116.281 35130253077
SKX2201170 x 14022000.116.281 35230253078
SKX6201170 x 14062000.116.281 35330253079
SKX8200170 x 1408200116.281 35430253080